How to use Bartens publications on Android, iOS and PC

Using the Bartens App you can access the publications (journals, books) of Bartens Verlag – the Sugar and Sweetener Publisher:

Sugar Industry journal – the leading magazine for the sugar and sweetener industry
Sahar i Svekla – “Sugar and Beet” journal in Russian language
Burak Cukrowy – the journal for Polish Beet growers

Sugar Economy Europe & North America eBook
Cane Sugar Engineering by Peter Rein – the standard handbook for the cane sugar industry
Ingeniería de la Caña de Azúcar
Engenharia do Açúcar de Cana
Sugar Technology – Beet and Cane Sugar Manufacture 
Sugar Technologists Manual by Bubnik/Kadlec/Urban/Bruhns
ICUMSA Methods Book
ICUMSA Proceedings 9th to 31st Session (1936 to 2018)

Using the electronic contents and the intelligent search function you find easy access to large size publications and complete journal archives. You can add bookmarks in articles, book sections, which are of importance for you and you include your own annotations in form of text, figures, pictures and audio comments in any text. For a faster overview certain pages can be selected from miniature views.

Six steps to use the electronic versions

Six steps to use the PC Desktop or Android, iOS version of Bartens publications:

Download free-of charge the Bartens App from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android) or click on the link below to start the PC Desktop version

After starting the App you will see all available Bartens publications

Using the tool-sign (top right) choose your preferred language (English, German, French)

Klick at the top left Button “Account”

Please enter your activation code (your email address) and password sent to you by us into the box product activation (Produktaktivierung) after buying an eBook at Bartens Shop.

After a successful login click on the top left button “Library (D: Bibliothek; F: Bibliotheque)

Access to the PC-Desktop version