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Sugar Economy

  • What is the beet acreage and yield in Belgium?
  • Who are the largest bioethanol producers in Germany?
  • In which locations is isoglucose produced from starch?
The blue pocket book, SUGAR ECONOMY, answers these questions and more. It is an indispensable tool for:
  • Sugar, starch and ethanol producers,
  • Sugar traders,
  • Beet growers,
  • Sugar and corn syrup processors.

The “Blue Bible” is divided into 3 parts:

  • Statistics (World sugar production and consumption, EU, German and French production, sugar trade, beet area etc.)
  • The addresses of sugar, starch and ethanol producers, traders, organisations, and institutes in Europe and North America
  • The EU sugar market regulation, in both the complete version and in summary.
Since 60 years, the pocket book “Sugar Economy” is a regular companion of Sugar industry executives. The practical format and its concise content have made it a bestseller in Europe and elsewhere for many years.
Each year, the book is updated by our competent staff, who ensure that up-to-date industry information is included and that the needs of the industry are met.
Sugar Economy is published in two editions:
Sugar Economy 2022 Europe


Sugar Economy 2022 USA