Cane Sugar Engineering

by Peter Rein

contains useful information of a practical nature for design and/or the operation of sugar mills. Sufficient background information and theory is given for an understanding of all the practical aspects. Sources of further information are given for more theoretical background. The text is comprehensive covering all aspects of cane sugar and related operations and processes provides an up to date source of information for those involved in all aspects of cane sugar processing.

Cane Sugar Engineering 2nd edition

Peter Rein’s Cane Sugar Engineering is directed at active practitioners in the cane sugar and ethanol industry. This includes

  • mill engineers,
  • process
  • production managers,
  • design engineers and students.

Size: 17 × 24 cm, 943 pages
450 figures and photographs, 205 tables,
4 color printing
ISBN 978-3-87040-167-2

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1      Sugarcane
2      Cane evaluation and payment
3      Supply and handling of sugarcane
4      Cane preparation
5      Milling
4      Cane preparation
6      Cane diffusion
7      Mill and bagasse conveyors
8      Raw juice handling
9      Juice heating
10    Clarification
11    Filtration
12    Evaporation
13    Condensers and vacuum equipment
14    Syrup clarification
15    Crystallization
16    Cooling crystallizers
17    Centrifugal separation
18    Molasses exhaustion
19    Drying and storage of raw sugar
20    Raw sugar quality
21    Molasses handling and storage
22    Sugar refining
23    Color and decolorization systems
24    White sugar handling and conditioning
25    Ethanol production
26    Chemical control of factories
27    Bagasse handling, storage and drying
28    Steam generation
29    Factory steam and energy balance
30    Water and condensate systems
31    The Power Station
32    Electricity
33    Production of value-added by-products
34    Physical properties

Tables, SI Units
Conversion factors
Subject index

About the Author

Professor Peter Rein was from 1969 to 1979 research and production engineering with Tongaat-Hulett Sugar. In that year he was promoted to Consulting Technologist, which position he held until 1992, when he was further promoted to Technical Director until January, 2000. In February 2000 he accepted a Professorship at the Audubon Sugar Institute, LSU AgCenter at Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA, becoming Head of that institute.

Prof. Peter Rein has contributed to more than 100 papers including patents and has made numerous contributions to books and invited lectures. Professor Peter Rein is well-known throughout the sugar world for his outstanding contributions, his openness, and his leadership skills. Prof. Peter Rein has been one of the most renowned cane sugar technologists in the last 40 years.

Contributors to Cane Sugar Engineering

R.G. Attard
Formerly Production Chemist
Mackay Sugar Co-operative
Australia (Chapter 11)

T.L. Boshoff †
Formerly Consulting Engineer
Tongaat-Hulett Sugar
South Africa  (Chapters 31 and 32)

M.B. Inkson
Managing Director
Thermal Energy Systems and Sugar
Knowledge International, United Kingdom
(Chapter 31 and 32)

N. Magasiner
Founder Thermal Energy Systems
South Africa (Chapter 28)

D.M. Meadows
Executive Director
Technology Management
Tongaat-Hulett Sugar
South Africa  (Chapters 19 and 24)

B.St.C. Moor
Bosch Projects
Formerly Director Tongaat-Hulett Sugar
South Africa (Chapters 5 and 7)

J. Nolasco Jr.
Researcher, Brazilian Bioethanol Science and Technology Laboratory
Formerly in Process Division Copersucar, Dedini Indústrias de Base, and Amyris
Brazil (Chapter 25)

S.D. Peacock
Head of Operations Support
Sugar, Technology Group,
Tongaat Hulett Limited, South Africa
(Chapters 19 and 24)

A.B. Ravnö
Formerly Director SMRI and
Technical Director Illovo Sugar Group
South Africa (Chapter 20)

E.C. Rivera
Researcher Brazilian Bioethanol Science and Technology Laboratory
Formerly in Chemical Engineering at
State University of Campinas, Brazil
(Chapter 25)

R.J. Steindl
Principal, Sugar Consulting International
Formerly Principal Research Fellow, Queensland University of Technology and Research
Australia (Chapters 10 and 11)

C.E. Vaz Rossell
Coordinator, Biomass Process Division
Brazilian Bioethanol Science and Technology Laboratory
Formerly in Food Engineering at State University of Campinas, and Head of Process Division at Copersucar Brazil
(Chapter 25)

P.G. Wright
Principal Consultant  PGW ProSuTech
Australia  (Chapters 10 and 11)

C.K. Yamakawa
Engineer Brazilian Bioethanol Science and Technology Laboratory
Formerly at Dedini Indústrias de Base
Brazil (Chapter 25)