List of Products

BWS Technologie GmbH

Nordstraße 41
41515 Grevenbroich
T: +49 2181 602 0
Fax:+49 2181 602 342

Delivery programme

Biodiesel installations

Bioethanol plants

Biogas plants

Centrifugal accessories

Centrifugal drives

Centrifugals for fructose

Centrifugals for glucose (dextrose)

Centrifugals for sugar
Modernization of existing centrifuges

Continuous centrifugals

Discontinuous centrifugals

Mixers (Centrifugals)

Centrifugals screens

Consultancy services
Modernization sugar house
Sugar house technology

Crystallizers for sugar
Vaccum pans

Batch vacuum pans

Entrainment separators

Honeycomb calandria


Measuring and process control systems

for centrifugals

Mixers, industrial


Sample Divider

Screening materials

Perforated sheets

Slotted screens

Technical services

Wet milling plants (corn)