Lista de Produtos

Produtos químicos para processo

BetaTec Hop products
Food grade antimicrobial
processing aids
Disinfectants for the process
Scale inhibitors for the process
Antifoams to be used inside
and outside of the factory
Flocculants, crystallization aids
Cleaning aids and service
Corrosion inhibitors for the process
Approed biocides, scale and corrosion
control for cooling towers
Oxygen scanvengers, sludge
conditioners and condensate
treatments for boilers
CarboUA & CarboSolutions
Keller & Bohacek
Scale inhibitor KEBO-DS
for the evaporation station
desinfectants KEBOSAN, KEBOCID
antifoams to be used inside and
outside of the factory KEBOSPUM
flocculants KEBOFLOC
Flocculation, crystallization, boiler
cleaning aids; antifoams; corrosion,
scale inhibitors, water conditioning
Schill + Seilacher
Antifoam agents
Western States