Verlag Dr. Albert Bartens KG

Verlag Dr. Albert Bartens KG

Lückhoffstraße 16
14129 Berlin
T.:+49 30803 5678
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Founded in 1951, Verlag Dr. Albert Bartens is a publishing house specializing in the technology and economics of the sugar industry. Every month, it issues the journal Sugar industry/Zuckerindustrie, which is read throughout the world. Twice a year, this journal is accompanied by ZSB Buyers Guide, a five-lingual directory of about 200 suppliers. Every year since 1954, we publish a pocket manual Zuckerwirtschaft/Sugar Economy/Economie Sucrière, which now also appears in editions for Poland and the Czech Republic (Cukier y Skrobie), Russia and Ukraine (Sacchar i Krahmal) and the United States (Sugar & Sweetener Economy Europe & North America).


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