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Aislamientos, ejecuciónes
Insulation and electic trace heating
for technical installation
Analysis of energy efficiency for
insulated equipment

Almacenaje de azúcar

Silos para azúcar
Insulation and electric trace heating
for silos incl. roof drainage,
lightning protection, anti-fall guard
Restructuring of insulated silo-roofs
without thermal bridge and
thermal load
Analysis of energy efficiency for
insulated equipment
Maintenance of fire-protection
appliances and preventive
Internal coating of silos

Protección contra incendios
Preventive structural fire protecting
according to DIN 4102
Installation, maintenance and service
of fire-extinguishers, smoke and heat
exhaust ventilation systems and fire
doors and gates
External fire protection represen-
tative acc. to VdS/CFPA Europe
Planning of escape routes, emergency
routes and information signs
Fire detection and fire alarm systems
Gunned plaster, refilling of shafts
and fire protection ducts
Fire protection compensator, jet
fire boxes, modular- and stand

Concrete and steel
Concrete restauration
Crack injection
Anticorrosive coating
Painting works, in- and outside
Fire protection coating
Floor coating