Maguin S.A.S.

Process and Construction
2, rue P. Sémard
02800 Charmes
T: +33 3 23 56 63 00
Fax: +33 3 23 56 63 05

Delivery programme

Beet diffusers
Diffusion towers

Cossette scalders

Beet leaf processing plants

Choppers for beet leaves

Beet pulp processing installations

Fine pulp separators

Beet reception systems

Beet tail processing plants

Beet unloading, storage and reclaiming

Beet washers

Crystallizers for sugar

Batch vacuum pans


Falling film evaporators

Extraction plants for chicoree

Leaf catchers

Lime milk preparation


Beet knife preparation equipment

Beet knives

Knife boxes

Stone catchers

Stone washers

Vertical lime kilns