Isgec Heavy Engineering Ltd.

A-4, Sector-24
Noida – 201 301 (U.P.)
T: +91 120 408-5001/02

Delivery programme

Beet sugar factories, design/erection

Bioethanol plants

Batch fermentation plants

CO2 Recovery (fermentation)

Continuous fermentation plants

Dehydration plants

Design and erection

Distillation plants

Yeast separation plants

Biogas plants

Candy sugar plants

Cane harvesters

Cane loaders

Cane samplers

Cane sugar factories, design/erection

Cane unloading installations

Tipping equipments for cane trucks

Cane washing equipment

Cane washing equipment drives

Centrifugal accessories

Centrifugal drives

Centrifugals for starch production


Screening centrifugals

Centrifugals for sugar

Continuous centrifugals

Mixers (Centrifugals)

Centrifugals, steam sterilizable


Flocculation aids

Cogeneration plants

Condensers for vapours

Consultancy services

Conveyor plants

Belt conveyors

Cranes and lifting equipment


Palettising machines

Rake conveyors

Trough chain conveyors

Vibratory conveyors

Cooling plants

Cooling towers

Molasses coolers

Sugar cooling plants

Crystallizers for sugar

Batch vacuum pans

Continuous vacuum pans

Cooling crystallizers

Seed magma installations

Cube sugar plants

Plants for press cubes

Descaling equipments

Dewatering presses

Drying plants

Bagasse driers

DDGS driers

Slops drier

Sugar driers

Dust collection plants

Dry dust separators

Wet dust collectors


Falling film evaporators

Plate evaporators

Explosion protection plants

Extraction plants for cane

Cane conveyor drives

Cane conveyors

Cane diffusers

Cane feeder tables

Cane mill accessories

Cane mill hydraulics

Cane mills

Cane preparation plants



Mill drives

Mill gears

Mill roll bearings

Mill rolls


Extraction plants for chicoree


Filter accessories

Filter candles

Filter cartridges

Filtering fabrics

Filter cloths


Bag filters

Candle filters

Cartridge filters


Heat exchangers

Heat recovery installations



Ion exchange plants


Juice purification plants for beet

Juice purification plants for sugarcane

Laboratory equipment

HPLC-apparatus and analyzers


Lime kilns

Carbon dioxide washers

Lime milk preparation

Lime slaking plants

Liquid sugar plants

Magnets (Separators)

Measuring and process control systems

for cane mills

for centrifugals

for diffusers

for distillation plants

for drying plants

for electric power generating plants

for evaporators

for fermenters

for liquid sugar plants

for starch factories

for starch saccharification plants

for steam boilers

for vacuum pans

Juice purification plants, control system

Operational data recording

Pneumatic installations

Waste water treatment, control systems

Molecular sieve dehydration installations

Pumps and compressors

Vacuum pumps

Refineries, design/erection

Slop utilization plants

Steam boilers

Bagasse furnaces

Boiler cleaning

Feed water conditioning

Steam traps

Steam turbines

Sulfitation plants

Waste water treatment plants

Aerobic water purification plants

Anaerobic water purification plants

Mechanical water treatment plants

Water conditioning

Weighing machines

Gross and net bagging and filling weighers

Wet milling plants (corn)

Yeast propagation