IPRO Industrieprojekt GmbH

Celler Str. 67
38114 Braunschweig
T: +49 531 59 00 30

Delivery programme

Beet sugar factories, design/erection

Beet unloading, storage and reclaiming

Beet bins

Bioethanol plants

Yeast separation plants

Biogas plants


Cane sugar factories, design/erection

Cogeneration plants

Consultancy services

Conveyor plants

Crystallizers for sugar

Continuous vacuum pans

Dried pulp pelleting presses

Pellets silos

Dried pulp storage

Drying plants

Bagasse driers

Electronic controlling equipment



Falling film evaporators

HFCS plants

Industrial and heating power plants

Juice purification plants for beet

Liquid sugar plants

Measuring and process control systems

Evaporators, process control systems

Juice purification plants, control systems

Vacuum pans, process control systems

Molasses utilization plants

Plant construction

Refineries, design/erection

Reinforced concrete constructions

Slop utilization plants

Starch factories, design/erection

Starch saccharification plants

Steam boilers

Steam turbines

Steel constructions

Sugar storage

Sugar silos

Technical services

Waste water treatment plants

Yeast factories, design/erection