Dedert International A/S

Borupvang 3
2750 Ballerup
T: +45 28 12 00 10

Dedert International (UK)
Unit 4.1, Switchback Office Park
Gardner Road, Maidenhead
Berkshire SL6 7RJ.
T: +44 1628 702675

Delivery programme

Centrifugals for starch production

Crystallizers for food ingredients

Crystallizers for inorganic chemicals

Crystallizers for salts

Drying plants

DDGS driers

Food ingredients driers
Aroma, protein

Germ driers

Glucose (Dextrose) driers

Gluten driers
Corn and wheat gluten driers

Mineral driers

Pulp driers

Starch driers/starch derivates
Spray driers maltodextrine/baby food
Native and modified starch driers

Sugar driers


Falling film evaporators
Mechanical and thermal vapor
Pilot evaporators
skid mounted

Plate evaporators