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P: 32 25, 38022 Braunschweig
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BMA America Inc.
2020 Starita Road, Suite E
Charlotte, NC 28206
T: +1 970 351 0878

BMA France Industries SAS

BMA (Nanning) Industries Co., Ltd.
Room 2511, Tower F, Huidong
International Building, No. 16
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BMA MENA S.a.r.l.
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OOO BMA Russia
Office 1002, Komissarzhevskoy str, 10
394036 Woronezh
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Delivery programme

Beet diffusers

Cossette scalders

Beet sugar factories, design/erection

Cane sugar factories, design/erection

Centrifugal accessories

Centrifugal drives

Centrifugals for fructose

Centrifugals for glucose (dextrose)

Centrifugals for sugar

Continuous centrifugals

Discontinuous centrifugals

Mixers (Centrifugals)

Consultancy services
Process Engineering
Hardware Planning
Plant Lifecyle Management
Basic Engineering
Detail Engineering
Software Engineering

Cooling plants

Sugar cooling plants

Crystallizers for dextrose/glucose

Crystallizers for fructose

Crystallizers for sugar

Batch vacuum pans

Continuous vacuum pans

Cooling crystallizers

Seed magma installations

Drying plants
Fluidized-bed dryers
Drum driers

Glucose (Dextrose) driers

Pulp driers

Starch driers/starch derivates

Sugar driers

Electrical equipment

Switch gears

Electronic controlling equipment



Falling film evaporators

Extraction plants for cane

Cane diffusers

Fructose installations
Crystalline products

Juice purification plants for beet

Juice purification plants for sugarcane

Measuring and process control systems
Process Automation
Factory Automation
Process Control System

Beet conveyors, process control systems

Centrifugals, process control systems

Drying plants, process control systems

Evaporators, process control systems

Operational data recording

Vacuum pans, process control systems

Measuring devices

Density meters, online

Process computers

Process control systems

Pumps and compressors

Rotary lobe pumps
Magma pump

Refineries, design/erection